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Terms & Conditions
1. Payment options Payment should be made in cash at the time of your appointment. Bank Transfer will be acceptable on request but must be received by Beauty@96 prior to your appointment. No credit will be given. Change is available. If you require a receipt please let us know. There is not a printer on the premises but a receipt can be emailed to you. 2. Salon Address Beauty@96 is an at home salon and for safety reasons, the address will be confirmed at the time of booking. We are based in the Ashcombe Park area of Weston-super-Mare between Milton and Weston Town Centre. 3. Mobile Policy Beauty@96 can offer all of our treatments in your own home and are happy to do so. • If you book your appointment using the online booking system, please add a note to say that you would like the appointment in your home, leave your address, a contact telephone number and email address. • The price will differ from the list price as mileage will be charged. 50p per mile is chargeable to cover fuel, travel time and set up/clear down time (round trip) and we ask for a minimum spend of £15 on treatments. • Please note that we will need 10 minutes to set up and tidy down at the start and end of your treatment. For waxing services, there will be a delay at the start of your treatment as the wax cannot be transported hot. • You will receive an automated confirmation email of your appointment but we will contact you separately to confirm the mobile treatment price. 4. Personal Safety Beauty@96 will not tolerate abuse of our staff whether physical or verbal. If a staff member feels unsafe, treatment time will be terminated. Any incident of abuse will be reported to Police. Our whereabouts is known at all times and we carry mobile phones. If you feel uncomfortable around our therapist please let them know so that the situation can be rectified. 5. Complaints Please speak to us in the first instance. Most complaints are due to misunderstandings which we hope can be resolved simply. We follow the advice of our insurer, Associated Beauty Therapists, and do not offer refunds. If a complaint is to be escalated, it must be made in writing and we will seek advice from the underwriters (Zurich Insurance plc). There is an established process in place to protect all parties which must be followed. 6. Confirmation and Reminders We ask all clients to provide their name, address and contact number. We will also ask you for an email address. These details are for the sole use of Beauty@96 and will be kept safe in line with Data Protection legislation. We require these details in case of a medical emergency or in the case of a dispute and they will be used to issue you with confirmation of your appointments and a reminder of your appointments. 7. Cancellation Policy We issue a reminder email/text 48 hours before your appointment (assuming the appointment has not been made within this time) and, as such, ask that you provide us with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or amend your appointment. If you are able to give us more notice then please do as this will allow us to offer the space to another client. Non-adherence to this policy (or a ‘no show’) will result in withdrawal of service after 3 occasions except in exceptional circumstances. We reserve the right to ask for a deposit during the busy Christmas and New Year period but notice of this will be given on both this website and our Facebook page. 8. Punctuality We are an ‘at home’ salon and do not have a waiting area. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your allocated appointment time as we may not be able to grant you access. We value all our clients and want to assure you of our undivided attention during your allotted appointment time. It is equally important that you arrive promptly for your appointment, late arrival could result in reduced treatment time and listed price will still be charged. 9. Last minute appointments Appointments can be booked online or via Facebook up to 24 hours in advance. After this time it will be necessary to contact us by telephone, SMS (text), email or via private message on Facebook. Last minute appointments cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to offer reduced prices in order to fill empty time slots. This will not affect the price paid by pre-booked clients. A client taking a last minute appointment is expected to adhere to the same rules regarding punctuality and ‘no shows’ as other clients. 10. Patch testing A patch test will be required at least 24 hours before your first tinting or tanning treatment with us. From time to time ingredients may change within the products that we use, and we request clients to have periodic patch test. We do this 6 months after each treatment. 11. Aftercare advice Aftercare advice will be given to you verbally at each appointment and will be given in written form at your first appointment and subsequently as required. It is always available in full on this website. Following this advice is important for your health and wellbeing and to ensure to gain the most from your treatment. Please follow it. 12. Client record cards/Consultation/Medical Questionnaire Treatments will only be carried out after completion of a medical questionnaire. This will form part of the initial consultation and will be updated at each appointment. These questionnaires will be kept alongside your client record card which contains your contact details and history of treatments with us. It is important that the treatments we carry out will not adversely affect any conditions you may have so please update us of any changes to your health. Similarly, it is vital that we are made aware of any contraindications that would compromise staff or the sanitation of the salon. All your records are kept in confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. 13. Refusal of Service A Beauty Therapist is a trained professional able to offer beauty and holistic treatments which may help people to look and feel better but we are not medical professionals. Please do not ask us to diagnose for you and please do not be offended if we need to refuse treatment. We will never take this decision lightly but if we feel the health of the client or the therapist may be compromised or the sanitation of the salon risked, we do reserve the right to refuse treatment. Please see the Contraindications page on this website or contact us prior to making an appointment to avoid embarrassment. 14. Children in the Salon We ask that you contact us prior to booking your appointment if you intend to bring your child/ren to the salon. If we are visiting you in your own home we highly recommend that children are entertained away from the treatment area but if this is not an option, please remember that children remain your responsibility. 15. Treatments for minors With the exception of child specific treatments which may be made available from time to time including at pamper parties, we do not recommend our treatments for under 16s. If an under 16 wishes to book, please contact us first so that we can discuss your requirements. In the event that a booking is agreed, the parent or guardian will need to be present (please note that a chaperone over the age of 18 is not sufficient) and a document signed by the parent/guardian and filed by Beauty@96 for insurance purposes. 16. INK London guarantee INK London hybrid gel polish should last on your fingers for up to 14 days and longer on your toes assuming our aftercare advice is followed. Work is guaranteed for 3 days after which time repairs will be charged at £2 per nail. There can be no guarantee against broken nails. Lifestyle will have a massive impact on the longevity of the polish. Before nails are repaired under our 3 day guarantee, you will need to send a photo to us so that we can assess them. Please do not pick at chips, your nail will be damaged and we will not be able to repair the nail under this guarantee. All repairs will take place at the salon and not mobile. 17. Special offers Special offers will be advertised on our website and Facebook page from time to time. Please like our page on Facebook to ensure you have the most up to date information. The packages or treatments on offer are as listed and will not be amended. If two or more treatments are part of an offer package, all treatments must be received in one appointment. We reserve the right to add new offers at any time and these will not affect the cost paid by pre-booked clients. Our offers are available to both new and existing clients. We reserve the right to withdraw a special offer or to add conditions eg. At busy periods, special offers may not be available on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings. We will make you aware of any special conditions at the time of booking. 18. Refer a friend scheme We operate a ‘refer a friend’ scheme. It offers our existing clients a discount for each full paying client they refer to Beauty@96. Upon request, a numbered business card will be provided for the client (A) to add their name to and pass to a friend. This card should then be returned to Beauty@96 by a new client (B). The referring client (A) will then receive a 20% discount off their most expensive treatment at their next appointment. Only one refer a friend discount can be applied at any one appointment and in any one week (Sunday to Saturday) ie. A maximum of 20% can be deducted from one treatment. Two cards cannot be submitted for 40% off one treatment nor can two cards be submitted for 20% off two different treatments in the same appointment. There is no limit to the number of full paying clients (B) that an existing client (A) can refer and 20% discount cards can be submitted at different appointments in different weeks. Please ask if further clarification is required. 19. Gift Vouchers Gift vouchers are available for a specific treatment or for a monetary value. They are not available for purchase online or via Facebook. They will need to be paid for and collected in person. They will expire 6 months from the date of purchase and must be used before this time. If you are going to use a gift voucher as payment, we ask that you advise us at the time of booking. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and no change will be given. The voucher will not be replaced so please look after it. Voucher can be used as full or part payment towards any treatment we offer including those on special offer and packages.
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